All your Questions answered in one place

CONNECTED SMART HOME is a system comprised of interconnected devices that can make any (yes! any) home as well as your normal appliances smarter. And all this, in just 4 Hours, without making any changes in the wiring of your house or replacing your switchboards.
Okay, what all things do you require from my side?
For CONNECTED to work in your house, you Only need 2 things:
⦿ A wifi router with a good internet connection.
⦿ A compatible Android (4.0 or higher) or iOS (iPhone 4s or higher) smartphone.
My house is quite old. Can CONNECTED be installed in it?
Yes! Whether your house is under construction or has already been constructed, It doesn’t matter; if it is antique or highly-modern, can be installed anywhere.
Will there be any changes in the wiring or electrical structure of my house?
No way! All we do is install a device (switchboard module) behind each of your switchboards, and that automates your mundane electrical switches.
What about my present switchboards? What will happen to them?
You will still be able to control and access your appliances using your physical switches. Your original switchboards will stay where they are and look and work the way they do now.
What are the technologies used for all these communications?
CONNECTED uses 2 technologies for its communications: Zig-Bee and Wi-Fi.
⦿ Switchboard modules and CONNECTED Gateway communicate with each other using Zig-Bee technology.
⦿ The Gateway unit communicates with the cloud and mobile over Wifi.
What is a Gateway?
Gateway is the Brain of the CONNECTED Automation system it takes your command given on the mobile device to the Switch Board Modules through Wi-Fi and then operates the devices. Basically it is a central hub that is controlling the devices as per your inputs from the mobile.
What are switchboard modules?
As the name suggests, these are modules that go behind the switchboards. They have slots in them, in which go switch/dimmer units.

They communicate with the Gateway unit and any action to be taken on appliances is relayed through them to the switch or dimmer units.  For eg. If you switch on fan from the mobile app, the final instruction to start the fan is sent by this module via the Gateway to the module unit.
How many switches can 1 Switch Board Module take?
One switchboard module can cater to at max 4 switches and multiple modules can be inserted behind your switchboard.
I want to know if switchboard modules and units fit behind my switchboards.
We have designed all the modules with high compact factor, i.e. we have tried to ensure that they fit behind the smallest of switchboards.
Here is the dimensions of Switchboard Module : 70*65*20
Do I need to buy any smart appliances or devices to use all the features?
Not at all ! CONNECTED is self-sufficient in itself. It doesn’t require any smart devices, etc. to deliver any of its features.
What about installation?
Installation is done with a nominal amount from our side and takes only 4 Hours for a 2/3 BHK house It is a simple 2 step process:
⦿ Fitting the switchboard modules behind your switchboards.
⦿ Configuring the CONNECTED GATEWAY unit.